Restorative and nourishing hair therapy in two steps

For dry, damaged hair

BRAVE PLEX technology Brave Plex Technology is uniquely designed to penetrate the hair core and stimulate the formation of new hydrogen and ionic bonds. This is an innovative patented product that restores and strengthens the hair up to 3 times, and visibly improves the condition of treated and damaged hair. Restores the inside and makes the hair more resistant to all factors that damage it: aging, pollution, aggressive treatment.

RASPBERRY, CRANBERRY, black currant, fig and plum oils. The oils extracted from the seeds of the fruits nourishes the hair and gives it shine.



Nourishing “jam” for hair with oils from Raspberries, Cranberries, Blackcurrants, Figs and Plums.

Enhances the effect of ampoules by closing them in the hair and prolonging their action.
Thickens the hair and makes it resistant to external influences.
Gives a mirror shine and silky softness.
Nourishes and gives density to each fibre without aggravation.
Protects hair from the formation of double tips.

0%: Silicone, products of animal origin


Sweet Ampoules concentrated serum with
instant effect.

Acts in-depth and creates new molecular bonds that strengthen the keratin structure deep in the hair.
Optimizes existing molecular bonds in the hair.
Increases the strength of the hair until its full recovery.
Reduces damage to three times during chemical treatment/painting, bleaching
Reduces breakage and facilitates hair styling.

0%: Silicone, products of animal origin


Brave New Hair brush for combing in the shower without breaking the hair.

Does not cause breakage of the hair when combing wet and dry hair.
Helps evenly distribute the nourishing “jam” for hair.
For more economical use of the therapy products.


When coloring / decolorizing: Prepare a mixture of hair dye or decolorizer and oxidizing emulsion. Add 5 ml (half an ampoule) of the sweet ampoules and mix until a homogeneous mixture is formed. Continue dyeing / decolorizing as described in the instructions for use of the hair dye or decolorizer. The product does not affect the dyeing / discoloration process. After the time specified by the hair dye / bleach instructions finishes, rinse the hair until the product is completely washed off. Place 5 ml (the other half of the ampoule) on the hair. Then, without washing the ampoule, apply the nourishing “jam” for hair along the entire length using the combing brush included. Wait 10 minutes and rinse the product.

For nourishment and recovery: After washing your hair with a suitable shampoo, soak up the water from your hair with a towel. Apply the contents of one of the sweet ampoules along the length of the hair. Without washing the ampoule, apply the nourishing “jam” for hair using the combing brush included. Wait 10 minutes and rinse the product.