with maximum effect and innovative ingredients at the highest level!
It all started with those we love and cherish every day – our friends! Each of them wants to feel good about their hair because let’s face it – if a woman is feeling good, she can rule the world!
In order to solve our friends’ hair problems and to help them, we selected the best ingredients and created cutting-edge products, which were after that launched under the BRAVE.NEW.HAIR brand. Each series is individually tailored to the needs of the different hair types and the hair problems of modern women.
The brand was born from our courage to enrich the world and create something good. Make someone feel special.

Because we can and because someone we love needed it.


Product of the Company in World Cosmetics Trends Report 2019

CosmoTrends / COSMOPROF 2019


Founded in 1994, BIOPHARMA LABORATORIES is a fast-growing cosmetic producer, that has tripled its turnover in the last 2 years. The headquarters and the factory are based in our own facilities in The North industrial zone of Plovdiv – the second biggest city in Bulgaria after the capital.
For 25 years, BIOPHARMA LABORATORIES has been on the hair care market, with its 10 brands. The company has also 3 specialized hairdresser brands and more than 30 other brands under private labels.